Are SARMs the Next Steroids?

Are SARMs the Next Steroids?

When steroids first came into the market, they caused a lot of damage. These drugs attracted hordes of athletes with their performance enhancing abilities. And in doing so, they condemned many users to permanent, life changing harm. Steroids have a bad reputation anywhere you go, and for good reason. This drug can wreak havoc in the body. Now, there’s a new performance enhancing drug that’s being hyped. We’re talking about SARMs; the wonder drug that can help you accelerate your muscle gains and boost your overall fitness.

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Now, many people think that SARMs are just as bad as steroids. It’s a natural conclusion that most people end up drawing. However, SARMs are on a completely different level than steroids. Not only are these drugs safer, they also have lesser side effects and can be used by both genders without any repercussions.Unfortunately, there is very little information available on SARMs. This is thanks to the fact that this drug was originally developed to treat diseases such as osteoporosis, but its research was abandoned.

Finding concrete information on SARMs is tough. However, a sarms vs steroids comparison is something that one can do quite easily. SARMs are safer than steroids because unlike steroids, they don’t force the body to produce testosterone. As a result, the body doesn’t come under any stress and the sex organs are left unaffected as well.SARMs are drugs that take the place of androgens in the body instead of having the body produce more androgen. Due to this, they have lesser side effects. And the side effects that do exist are mild and only temporary. Basically, SARMs are not the next steroids. Instead, they’re a whole other class of drugs that are capable of helping athletes achieve their goals much faster.

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